Although Dell Tech prepares MSD sheets and Safety Data Sheets for many manufacturers, we are not authorized to distribute updated copies on their behalf. Please refer to the beginning of the sheet which you have and contact the "Manufacturer/Supplier" directly at the address and phone number which they provide.

Specializing in Regulatory Compliance
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Since 1980 Dell Tech has provided professional, confidential consulting services to the chemical specialty industry in Canada, USA, and Europe. We can assist your company with regulatory compliance including product registration, the preparation and authoring of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and laboratory performance testing.

For a confidential discussion of how we can assist you, please contact us via email at

  • Canadian Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
  • Pesticides (PMRA), Drugs (DIN), Natural Health Products (NHP), Cosmetics (CNF), Bureau of Chemical Safety (BCS)
  • New Substance Notifications (NSN) and Existing Substances (CMP) for CEPA Regulation
  • Product Safety & Compliance
  • MSDS and GHS SDS Preparation (Canada, USA)
  • Canadian and USA Consumer Product Labeling (CCCR, CPSC)
  • Canadian Supplier and Workplace Labeling (WHMIS)
  • US GHS Workplace Labeling (HCS 2012)
  • Canadian MSDS Trade Secret Applications (HMIRA)

Information about GHS - Globally Harmonized system

Tuesday October 6th, 2015

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